Practical Business Solutions To People And Management Problems Through Workplace Team Building

Small business management and team building is what we love to do, and we wholeheartedly believe that great things can be achieved from small beginnings. As a small business owner, Andrew Dunning, founder of Small Business Team Building, knows the challenges and opportunities confronting people who embark on the important mission of owning and operating a small business.

People are the heart of business, therefore we focus on the main game by providing solutions to problems involving “people” and “management” in small and medium size businesses. Applying a practical and down to earth workplace team building approach to people and management issues, Andrew and his team provide easy to follow ways for generating positive results.

Our passion is to assist businesses in achieving success by converting ideas into action. A guiding principle is that we believe the best ideas often come from within organisations; from team members including owners, managers and workers.

We encourage ideas out into the open and include them in sensible business plans that reflect reality as well as including goals that require a stretch of effort to achieve. We lend a hand to see plans through to fruition and, along the way, guide and encourage team members to become better managers and leaders.

A key foundation is building a healthy organisational culture for the enjoyment of all team members, plus recognising that the best work effort is given where people feel safe, secure and contented. This provides a solid foundation for lifting a business’ service quality which helps to keep customers coming back again and again.

Our approach is to assist owners, managers and supervisors in understanding the options available to them in solving people and management problems. We believe in guiding and supporting people as they tackle challenging situations in pursuit of their goals.

Here’s how we can help you

Business Support Services are available for coaching groups of team members and mentoring one-on-one. We are available for face-2-face meetings and workshops (depending on location) and online.

We provide support in the following areas:
Workplace team building
Developing leadership
Improving management decision making
Creating practical strategic business plans and supporting their implementation

How to get started

Let us know which areas of Business Support you are interested in and a brief description of the type of assistance you would like to receive. We can then send you information on how best we can support you and our pricing.  Andrew can be contacted by email at his Contact Page

Andrew Dunning

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Disclaimer: We have done our best to accurately explain our services. Successful results are dependant upon a range of factors including your workplace environment, business conditions, and the willingness and effort contributed by participants.

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