Learn The Importance, Power And Inspiration Of Using “We” Rather Then “I” In Your Team Building Activities

The language that we speak and write during team building activities is important as our audience of team members hears and responds to the words that we use. The words that we naturally make use of inform team members of our intentions and give clues to our underlying attitudes and values. For example, some people refer to events or situations and say “I achieved this today” where in fact it was a team effort. When that happens to me I feel that I have been left out of the picture. Other team members will say “we accomplished this today” which shows recognition of togetherness and a team approach. In this article we cover the importance, power and inspiration of “we” to your team building activities.

Importance of saying “we”

Teams that function effectively share information and resources between team members and with other like-minded teams. For example, team members sharing their experiences on the best way to explain to customers the features and benefits of a product. Sharing brings personal satisfaction and demonstrates our willingness to work co-operatively. Importantly, it shows that we believe in a team approach to providing good service and that the team is something that we value and actively support.

Power of using “we” expression

As difficult situations inevitably come our way, a team response is often a better way of dealing with challenging tasks and events as a supportive team provides the benefit of lessening the load that any one individual need carry. A group approach towards problem solving is another benefit which often produces a range of powerful ideas rather then the contribution of one individual.

Inspiration that “we” can deliver

Saying “we” illustrates that we have included all team members and have not left anyone out. It is also a positive motivator as team members respond well to being included. Further, it helps to strengthen the links that connect team members. As a team member of a thriving team at work, seeing and hearing the expression “we” brings forth positive feelings and give us confidence to carry on in our efforts to succeed and make a difference.

So, from today onwards, make sure that you use “we” instead of “I” in your spoken and written communications within your team building activities. It’s really that simple.

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Andrew Dunning

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