Three Tips For Successful Executive Team Building

Building a harmonious and productive executive team is a worthwhile endeavour and one that can only be accomplished where team members agree on the team’s purpose and ways for them to collectively accomplish tasks.

Three reasons why executive team building is important

1. Executives are like any other employees and want to work within happy and satisfying team environments.

2. More information is shared between executives where they trust each other and work together as a team.

3. Executives make significant decisions and a co-operative and happy team environment assists them to make and implement decisions that are useful and in the best interests of an organisation and its people.

Avoiding pitfalls in executive team building

Within groups of executives there are often several people who are not willing to be friendly and co-operative team members. Such behaviour may be influenced by low self esteem, pettiness and jealousy. If you are a team leader and find yourself leading a group of people where some are not pulling their weight as team members, then here are two tips for dealing with difficult executive team members.

1. Discourage executives from selectively dealing with only a few members of the executive team. This is damaging to the team as some people will not be given information and excluded from participating in team activities.

2. Expect executive team members to attend team meetings. Non-attendance signals a lack of caring for the team and erodes team spirit.

Tips for executive team building

Building an effective executive team takes effort and time as team meetings need to occur and activities need to be undertaken. Here are three tips to take your team’s performance to the next level.

1. Create a team statement

Involve all executives within your team in developing a one page team statement setting out the desired team approach, team values and how those values will be “lived” by the team.

2. Undertake a team project

Executives are often busy with their work, however, a carefully constructed project where resources are supplied to support the team may produce awesome results. Spectacular team generated ideas can lead to new ways of tackling old problems leading to innovative outcomes. Projects need to be worthwhile and within the scope of the team’s skill set.

3. Team leader stepping up

Teams need leaders, and effective teams are led by people who show the way forward and lead by example. Stepping up involves actively supporting the team statement, and by being a good role model and displaying team values and behaviour. It also means that you will remind team members who are falling behind in their attitude and behaviour that they need to smarten up and improve.

Creating an exceptional executive team can be a highly rewarding exercise. A great team provides opportunities for achieving goals and developing a successful and sustainable business.

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Andrew Dunning

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