Three Tips For Building Your Own Positive Business Team Culture (Organisational Culture)

Business team culture (organisational culture) comprises the collective thoughts and actions of team members and is an intangible quality that creates a business’ identity. Your business’ identity is noticed by customers and other stakeholders and helps to shape their impressions and opinions about the business. This article offers three tips for improving your business team culture.

While appearing similar from the outside, business team cultures are all different. This is due to the unique events and situations that have contributed to the formation and development of each business including the contributions from past and present team members.

A particular business team culture may encourage certain behaviour, which may be frowned upon in other team situations. Sometimes we learn the rules of a business team culture the hard way by unintentionally going against an accepted method or style of doing things. We may not have known, for example, that permission must be sought before making even the smallest adjustment to a work process. In other workplaces we may have made changes and been rewarded for taking the initiative to do so.

Improving your business team culture

Improving your business team culture is achievable where team members are prepared to make an effort. The key effort needs to be towards communicating effectively in order to develop co-operative and harmonious relationships in the workplace. Here are three tips for improving your business team culture.

1. Planning your business team culture

Imagine the business team culture that your business needs. Describe it in words and write it down. Then create a plan for turning your ideal business team culture into reality. Small steps are easier than taking giant leaps in the dark. If you need help in doing this then seek assistance from someone you trust and knows how to build a better culture.

2. Making an effort

Appreciating the relationships we have with others at work and nurturing those relationships is a good investment of our time. We can do this by reflecting on our contributions to those relationships and making an effort to bolster our contribution, even in small ways. For example, rather than declining an invitation to a social function with team members, you could consider the benefits and agree to attend. Then go and enjoy the event.

3. Positive actions

Communicating in a positive manner is very helpful for building a really good team as positive vibes are infectious. The more positive we show ourselves to be, the more others will be attracted to our co-operative and harmonious style of working together. That way we can create the business team culture that we desire.

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