Three Tips For Helping Team Leaders Regain Their Lost Confidence

Confidence is a sense of personal power and is important to everyone. In the workplace environment it’s especially important for team leaders supervising other people to display confidence. From time to time, however, we all feel a loss of confidence which makes carrying out our usual tasks and duties much harder. In this article we explore three ways for team leaders to regain lost confidence.

Confident Team Leaders

Confident team leaders know what to do in their work roles and are generally satisfied with their actions. Team members recognise confidence in their leaders and are more likely to carry out their team leader’s requests. This is because confidence commands respect, especially where a team leader’s actions are supported by displays of values such as honesty, trust and integrity. Team members have respect for such team leaders and are usually willing to do as they ask.

Lost Confidence

Team leaders don’t lose confidence as in misplacing it. Rather, confidence tends to evaporate just when we need it. Confidence may fluctuate and is often less where we feel uncertain as to our roles at work or in our personal lives. Our sense of who we are and what we are is influenced by many aspects of our lives and transfers into how we think and act at work. Where we feel good about ourselves, our confidence as a team leader will be significant. Team members observing our confident manner usually respond positively.

How to Regain Lost Confidence

Confidence can be regained as explained in the following three tips.

1. Relax. At a time that best suits you, perhaps early in the morning if you are a morning person or in the evening if you prefer, pause and think about a time in your life where you were happy and at ease. Remember how it felt, then imagine yourself feeling that way in your current work situation. Feel positive and confident.

2. Remind yourself that many people experience low or no confidence at work from time to time. Therefore you are not alone and no different to lots of people. Keep in mind that confidence is useful and therefore valuable. As it is valuable you must make a real effort to regain your confidence.

3. Seek assistance. If you are overloaded with work, ask for help from your boss and also request your team members to assist. Most people will lend a hand when given the opportunity to do so. Just ask them.

Even though you may feel that you have lost your confidence, you haven’t actually lost it. You can recharge your confidence through relaxation, making a determined effort and asking for help.

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Andrew Dunning

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