Simple Team Building Strategies – Three Essential Qualities For Creating Your Own Great Business Team Culture

Three qualities of business team culture (organisational culture) are explained in this article as being essential for creating a great culture: Clarity of direction; Inclusion; and Trust.

Direction of the business must be clear and understood by all team members

Business owners can bring team members on board their organisation’s journey by sharing their aspirations and goals. Knowing where an organisation is heading really helps team members to understand the way business owners think which in turn means that team members become more willing to support the business through challenging situations. On the other hand, the absence of clearly communicated intentions by business owners causes team members to question their future within the business. This uncertainty leads to reduced work quality and productivity. Knowing the direction of the business, therefore, is key information that needs to be crystal clear.

Team members feeling included in the team culture

Participating in a venture that you believe in is exciting and motivating. Experiencing activities with other team members stimulates our minds and creates energy to push on and accomplish tasks. Achieving targets creates sensations of unity and success. Active participation in a worthwhile cause creates feelings of being included in something of great value to us. That’s exactly how we need our business team culture to be.

Team members trusting each other

Trust is hard to attain and easy to lose. Trust is an almost magical quality that opens doors and smoothes the way through life. Where people trust each other, all manner of obstacles and barriers can be overcome. Trusting someone and being trustworthy creates a meeting of minds that allows for honest dialogue without doubts or second guessing the other person. It is liberating to be trusted and to trust others. In a trusting workplace we feel supported by the business team culture, enjoy good work relationships and appreciate being a member of the team.


The combination of clarity of direction, inclusiveness, and trust provides a solid platform to build a great business team culture that is inviting and friendly, stable and secure, and co-operative and friendly. Such a business team culture offers enormous opportunities for developing a happy workplace where team members are secure and satisfied with their environment and focused on their work. High quality work outcomes and productivity are usual daily outcomes and achieving goals is what we do. This is great business team culture.

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Andrew Dunning

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