Team Building Presentation – Align Four Forces To Reach Your Goals

Unleash the driving forces within your business to propel it to the next level and beyond. This article, designed to support a business team building presentation, shows four areas of your business that can be driving forces: Leadership, Business team culture, Operations, and Market engagement.


Leadership is the guiding force within your business. Effective leadership shows the way forward and provides energy to mobilise resources and pursue success. Leaders need to inform team members of the business’ goals and strategies to be undertaken to achieve those goals. As team members understand the course that the business is embarking upon and become included in making it happen, they are more likely to be committed to business success.

Business team culture

A welcoming and inviting business team culture that supports team members creates a solid foundation for building a knowledgeable and helpful team. It’s amazing how much more productive team members can be where they enjoy stable workplace relationships and the business is a friendly place to work. In such an environment team members become focused on their tasks and less likely to be distracted. They are often willing to offer ideas for improving work processes which benefits all team members and the business.


Better work relationships result in greater productivity and less errors requiring rework. Being part of a team that produces quality outcomes is motivating for team members. Team members take more pride in their work and will go the extra mile to complete jobs resulting in higher quality products and services being delivered to customers.

Market engagement

Building trust with customers and delivering on our promises are essential for successfully engaging with our target market. Customers remember where we missed a deadline or supplied goods that fell short of the expected quality, or where a service was not up to the required standard. Customers, however, do appreciate where we hit the mark and deliver outcomes that meet their needs and support their business activities. Being important to customers is therefore a rewarding position to be in.


Four forces for driving success in your business are: Leadership; Business team culture; Operations; and Market engagement. Align and energise these driving forces and let them loose to propel your business to achieve your goals.

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Andrew Dunning

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