Team Building Ideas : Create A Fun Workshop For Brain Storming Ideas

Often the best team building ideas come from team members. That’s logical as they are the people closest to day-to-day business operations and know what type of activities they would enjoy doing. The task for team leaders, therefore, is to encourage team members to think up and share ideas on team building activities that they would like to participate in. This article discusses this issue and suggests ways of facilitating a team workshop to tease out ideas that can be turned into reality.

Team building ideas workshop

Asking people is usually a better approach than telling them what to do, especially in a business team environment. Organising a workshop to invite team building ideas from team members therefore makes sense and can be fun. It also offers a greater probability of nurturing team building ideas into actual activities that team members enjoy and learn from.

By holding a workshop and asking for suggestions, team members are likely to feel respected as they are being listened to, and feel included as they are part of the process of building their own team.

Effective planning of the workshop is vital so that you get all team members to attend and actively participate. Arranging a suitable time and venue that fits in with team members’ usual routine is a good first step. The choice of venue is important so that people feel comfortable in their surroundings and there should not be any distractions such as phones ringing or visitors wandering into the meeting.

A real let down is where communication fails and some people are not told about the workshop. Letting everyone know the details of the workshop at least two weeks in advance gives team members time to prepare their ideas and make any arrangements in order for them to attend the workshop.

Circulating an agenda for the workshop is a good way to inform people of the topic for discussion, how long the workshop will go for, and your expectations of everyone participating to make the workshop a success.

Upon the day and time arriving for the workshop, its important that you kick it off to a good start by clearly explaining the need for team building ideas in order to create interesting and meaningful team building activities. Also explain the benefits of the workshop.

The first part of the workshop should focus on brain storming ideas. Ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to contribute and encourage ideas to flow without judging them. Those ideas can be discussed later in the workshop and refined to arrive at a list of around ten to twenty team building activities. Most important is to gain the commitment of team members’ to participate in the actual activities.

Develop a simple plan of action that lists the agreed team building activities. The beauty of a written plan is that it can be referred to when undertaking team building and you don’t have to think up new ideas each time you want to organise a team event.

Ask for feedback from team members as to how they think the workshop went and learn from those comments for the next time you hold a workshop. Wrap up the workshop on a positive note and thank everyone for offering suggestions for future team building events. The final tasks are to circulate to all team members the list of team building activities then commence preparations for the first team building activity.

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