Team Building Ideas: How Team Leaders Can Overcome People Problems

Are you a team leader struggling with “people issues”?

If you are, you‘re not alone, we all struggle with team members and other people at work.

It may be that team members are underperforming or not getting along well together. Whatever it is, if it’s going on it needs to be sorted out. As team leader it falls to you to fix it.

In this article on team building ideas for the workplace, I will explain how team leaders can overcome people problems. I find the best approach is to apply a process for dealing with difficult situations, that way I can use it again and again.

Here is the process that guides my actions.

1. Understand the problem

You may think that “understanding the problem” is obvious to you. However, a fresh look at the people and issues may give rise to better ways of tackling the problem than what you have presently in mind to do.

The key thing is to see the situation for what it really is. What is at the heart of the problem? What would be a good outcome for everyone involved?

I try to remember that if I have a falling out with someone or am engaged in a dispute, then I have contributed to the problem. You may need to ask a friend or trusted colleague for their thoughts on the challenging situation.

2. Face up to the situation

Facing up to the situation means that as team leader you take responsibility for making every effort to fix the problem. Taking responsibility also shows others that you are serious in finding a way out of the situation. Where appropriate inform others that you report to of your intention to achieve a solution.

People problems often make the work environment tense and draining on all concerned. Wouldn’t it be great to fix the problem and move on?

3. Commit yourself to a course of action

The most important person to commit a course of action to is yourself. Develop the habit of making promises to yourself and actually fulfilling them.

4. Take action

You have thought about what to do and how to do it. Now is the time to take action and get on and do it.

As you get moving you will find that you do have the capacity to take on difficult and demanding situations involving people. It’s amazing how things often fall into place and you make better progress than you previously thought you would.

Have confidence in your own ability and see the course of action through to completion.

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Andrew Dunning

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