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Its really important for team members to feel that they receive a benefit from business team building activities. Many of us have experienced group sessions where one person has talked and everyone else listened. At the end of a session like that people walk out and feel that they have wasted their time. A key way to make team building effective is to create fun activities that help people in understanding each other better and bring them closer together.

Bridge Building Game – A Hands-on and Fun Team Building Activity

Many of us would like to do things as we did when we were children. For example, back then we often used our imagination and made things with our hands from scrap materials such as cardboard boxes, pieces of wood and string. It was exciting and fun to think up an idea and turn it into reality. We would play with what we created and playing together as kids was fun.

The Bridge Building Game is intended as a fun business team building activity where participants are asked to build a model bridge. This takes imagination, co-operation and attention to detail given that the bridge is to be constructed from paper which is a flimsy material.

The challenge for team members is to create a free standing bridge that spans 4 feet (1,200 mm) without support under the span, just like a real bridge that goes over a river. The gap between the ground and underneath the deck should be at least 9 inches (225 mm). To top it off, each bridge must have a traffic deck like a real bridge, and be able to carry a load in the centre of the bridge. That load is one apple.

Participants should be divided into teams of three people, and teams should decide for themselves as to the design of the bridge and tasks that need to be done to build the bridge. The only material to be allocated to each team is 30 sheets of photocopy paper, a ruler (one foot or 300mm) and sticky tape in a dispenser. The ruler and sticky tape dispenser are tools only and not to be included in the structure of the bridge.

Teams should be given one hour to complete their bridges. At the end of the allotted time, the organiser of the activity should judge the best bridge and give feedback to team members as to how they performed. One measure of success is that the bridge should support an apple placed in the middle of the span of the bridge.

Feedback should include how well team members shared information and worked together as a team. Team members should also be given the opportunity to provide their feedback on the activity.

In conclusion, the intention of the Bridge Building Game is for the activity to be challenging, interesting and fun. It is a focused activity where effective team skills are needed to achieve the desired outcome of people working together in harmony and accomplishing their goals.

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Enjoy your team building!

Andrew Dunning

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