Team Building Activities For The Workplace – Celebrating Success

Celebrating team success should be one of your key team building activities for the workplace. This article explains why it’s important and three tips to help you celebrate your team’s success. The focus of this article is on a team’s success, however, individual efforts, should be noticed and rewarded where it is appropriate to do so.

Why celebrating team success is important

By celebrating the achievement of predetermined milestones we not only acknowledge a winning result but also reinforce the attitudes and behaviours that contributed to the successful outcome. Celebrations become memorable occasions that add to the fabric of a team’s culture. We should seize opportunities to celebrate and shape our preferred culture through carefully selecting the actions and results that contribute to business success. For example, where a team has worked co-operatively and harmoniously and achieved its goal of completing a particular project on time. The process of celebration also assists to set standards of performance that are expected of the team, and is especially useful for new team members.

Here are three tips for team building activities for the workplace – celebrating team success.

Monitoring progress towards milestones and goals

A business plan is a key instrument for identifying events to celebrate. By comparing actual outcomes to milestones and goals, positive results can be identified. Team members should be informed of performance that is below expectations, on par and above expectations. Providing team members with feedback on performance is helpful as they can understand how their efforts relate to business performance.

Spontaneity and surprise

Using your business plan, as mentioned above, is helpful for recognising genuine results rather than contriving an outcome in order to create a celebration. There are times when, seemingly out of the blue, something positive occurs such as glowing feedback from customers. This is a reason to celebrate and acting spontaneously and surprising team members is appropriate. It shows that you notice the team’s effort and actively pass on feedback from customers.

Ideas for celebrations

Here are some ideas for celebrating team success. You could provide a lunch, go out for dinner, present gift vouchers from a popular store, go bowling, movie night, weekend away, farm stay, dress up day, funny hat day, employee appreciation day, describe the team’s success in a newsletter, business donates money or team members volunteer their time during a week day afternoon to a community project or charity.

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