Practical Business Team Building Support For Team Leaders

Lending A Hand – Practical Business Team Building Support For Business Owners, Managers and Team Leaders

Owners and managers of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) operate in rapidly moving markets and usually with intense competition, especially from businesses with greater resources than their own. This creates challenges for SMEs and unfortunately many businesses fail due to owners and managers not heeding the warning signs that are often staring them in the face.

Successful businesses are very clear as to their direction, management, operations, roles and contributions of employees, and relationships with stakeholders, especially customers. They build effective teams then let their team members get on with the job to produce goods and services that the market demands, wants and above all, pays for. Businesses that just plod along or fail often demonstrate a history of gaps in one or more of these areas.

In response, Small Business Team Building provides owners, managers and team leaders, who are not satisfied with the current performance of their team members or businesses, an opportunity for skills development.

By enhancing their own management, leadership, team building and creative thinking capability, owners, managers and team leaders are better placed to achieve their goals.

Here’s what we offer

  1. Team building e-course
  2. – The Reluctant Team Builder: How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Team
    – 12 practical lessons on team building

  3. Team building e-course Plus email support
  4. – The Reluctant Team Builder: How to Build a Dynamic Small Business Team
    – 12 practical lessons on team building
    – Email support from Andrew Dunning for up to one hour per week for 12 weeks

  5. Team support – Business coaching – Online
  6. – Design support for your team building action plan
    – Guiding the implementation of team building actions
    – Creating practical strategic business plans
    – Supporting the implementation of business plans

  7. One-on-one support – Mentoring – Online
  8. – Developing your leadership skills
    – Enhancing management capability
    – Improving decision making
    – Expanding creative thinking

Our approach is to assist owners, managers and team leaders in solving people and management problems. We believe in guiding and supporting people as they take on challenging situations.

Where to from here?

Let us know which areas of Business Support you are interested in and we shall send you information on how best we can support you and our pricing.

Andrew can be contacted via his contact page – Click Here To Contact

Andrew Dunning

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