Office Team Building Ideas: Team Leaders Steering The Right Course

Steering the best course for your business team is of paramount importance. You owe it to yourself and to your team. Team members look to their leader for guidance and are counting on you to provide clear direction for the journey ahead.

A business team works best where they know about the landscape that they will be entering into, including the stakeholders that they will surely encounter. They also need to understand just what you expect of them individually and as a team.

Steering your best course as team leader means that you should be an accomplished route-finder, and here are four tips to help you achieve this capability.

1. Understand your stakeholders

The stakeholders for your business are many and varied. They include team members and managers around and above you in the organisation, as well as customers, suppliers and competitors. Not forgetting financiers, regulators, environment and local community.

Let’s not get overwhelmed by the range of people and organisations that are influential in our business world. It’s a matter of understanding why they exist and what they do and intend to do, then allowing for those intentions and influences within the course we set for our team.

2. Curves, pot holes and no through roads

As sure as night follows day, we will be presented with business challenges that put pressure on the fabric of our team and the work that we do. A useful approach is to constantly be on the lookout for signs of changes within stakeholders that are expected to impact upon your business.

Issues and situations are much easier to deal with at the beginning of their life-cycle, rather than later on, as they are often smaller and more manageable.

3. Get on your stakeholders’ radar

Being visible to those people that pull the strings in your world makes sense. It means that your input may be sought on upcoming changes to product or service specifications. It’s far better to be in the driving seat compared to a mere passenger, as you can help shape ideas and outcomes that impact upon your team.

Don’t forget that your team members are stakeholders, so seek their ideas and suggestions as well.

4. Get moving

Steering your team’s course is not just about words, it’s about taking deliberate action. You should guide your team’s actions and communications to make the best of whatever set of circumstances you are faced with.

Think positively, back your own judgement and get on with turning ideas into reality.

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Andrew Dunning

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