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Welcome to Business Team Building. Our team provides solutions to problems involving “people” and “management” in small and medium size businesses. Our information and pathways are designed to assist team leaders, supervisors, managers and business owners.

Experienced business managers know that actions taken by their employees will either create successful outcomes or lead to barriers and limitations in business performance. It’s important for you, as a manager of people, to have your employees working together as a united team in order to achieve the performance targets of your section, department or area.

The key is to have your employees interested in the fate of your business and actively engaged in efficiently producing quality products and services.

How can you achieve this?

You should make your business an interesting and inviting place for people to work in. You need to encourage team members to “tune in” and engage with the work that you ask them to do. You should also clearly communicate to team members your expectations of behaviour and work output.

It is often the case, however, that some people don’t understand and appreciate the standards of behaviour expected of them at work. For example, time is often wasted as team members attend to personal issues rather than their work. In poorly designed work places with second rate management, some workers feel bored and distractions easily take hold. People become less tolerant and respectful of others and previously good relations between team members turn sour.

Consequences emerge from negative behaviour including low morale, increased absenteeism, and high employee turnover. This flows over into escalating costs, poor production outcomes and lower sales, resulting in the risk of business failure.
Our approach to solving people and management problems is to offer practical ways for managing people at work and to seek more contribution from everyone in the business.

We know that a little extra effort at the right time and focused on the right issues can generate amazing results. This is especially the case where every team member gives a little more of themselves. An example of extra effort is for people to be mentally engaged with the challenges and opportunities within the business. That means that problems can be dealt with while they are small and manageable. It also means that opportunities are more likely to be identified and acted upon in their early stages. Businesses getting in first on an opportunity can often claim the lion’s share of the benefits.

That effort must be directed to where it’s most needed, and that’s why effective management practices are essential. By clearly communicating with team members and informing them about the business’ purpose and direction, people can see the reason behind business activities and agree to tune in and become more involved. They can see how their contribution helps the business and themselves.

It’s really not that hard to make improvements to your business. If you are willing to make an effort, then let’s work together, and at your pace.

Please explore the information and pathways that our business team building web site provides. You are also welcome to join our free newsletter, Team Building Today, for useful tips and ideas on team building.

All the best, Andrew

Andrew Dunning

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