Five Team Building Quotes For You To Use In Your Team Building Presentations

Building an effective business team can be an exciting endeavour, although at times it may feel like an up hill battle given that the task involves leading, instructing and motivating team members. Team members often respond positively to team building presentations explaining the direction of the business and what the business landscape is expected to look like in the near future. They are also usually interested in what’s happening close to home within their own team.

Here are five team building quotes that you may find helpful. They cover five areas of: Leadership; Team culture; Engaging with customers; Job satisfaction; and Self development.


Leadership is an essential characteristic of successful teams and leadership should be demonstrated by all team members at various times rather than relying solely on the team leader.

“Standing firm and backing our own judgement demonstrates strength of character. It also shows others what they can expect should they decide to join our team.” – Andrew Dunning

Team culture

Team culture (organisational culture) is the engine of a business and it’s so important to develop a team culture that is friendly, co-operative and helpful.

“Feel the buzz produced by a vibrant team that is busy carrying out its work, overcoming obstacles and achieving targets. An effective team culture will lift your spirits.” – Andrew Dunning

Engaging with customers

Effective customer relationships are critical to the success of a business and team members, as ambassadors representing a business’ brand, play a fundamental role in connecting customers to a business’ offering of goods and services.

“Deliberately liking people is a key attribute of a successful customer service team. Engaging with customers becomes a satisfying experience for team members as they know that their efforts produce positive results.” – Andrew Dunning

Job satisfaction

It’s a great feeling to leave work at the end of an eventful day and feel satisfied with the work that has been accomplished, both individually and as a member of a dynamic team.

“Job satisfaction at work is an important outcome for our efforts, and people often thrive within a work environment where challenging yet achievable work is provided. Encourage team members to rise to the challenge and express their talents.” – Andrew Dunning

Self development

A team environment at work means that others see and share in our efforts, attempts, stumbles and learning.

“Facing up to our own mistakes gives us the opportunity to own them,
learn the necessary lessons, then leave those mistakes behind.
A further opportunity is to not repeat the same mistakes.”-Andrew Dunning

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Andrew Dunning

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