Team Building Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Can you really turn a group of employees into an effective business team?

Yes, you just need to know how and be committed to creating a dynamic business team.

2. Do your strategies and actions work for large businesses as well as small and medium size businesses?

Generally speaking, yes, although you need to be mindful of the differences between large and small businesses, such as:

– Small businesses have much less resources than large businesses
– Wrong decisions often have a greater financial impact on small businesses than large
– Underperforming people can sometimes slide under the radar in large businesses
– Recruiting and selecting appropriate people is critical in small businesses
– Small business employees are often more multi-skilled as there are less people to do tasks
– Managers often work along side workers in small businesses
– Small business decisions are usually made locally rather than in far away HQs.

3. What are the key ingredients to building a successful small business team?

Three things are important in my team building initiatives:

– Having a plan with achievable goals and sensible actions
– Team members willing to have a go at improving their work situation
– Team leaders eager to learn and become good role models for their team members.

4. How do you go about developing a small business team?

From the outset I involve as many team members as possible in the process of developing a common sense team building plan, then setting to work and implementing the plan.

5. What if I am a team leader with little or no experience?

Most of us started at the bottom with no training to become a team leader. We had to learn things as we went, and often the hard way through trial and error. Seek help to build confidence and develop yourself into an effective team leader. It’s worth the effort.


Andrew Dunning

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