Corporate Team Building Activities – Four Tips For A Great Team Project

A team building project is an activity undertaken by a business team that is outside the scope of the work that they usually do. A team project, for example, could focus on providing support to a charity, community organisation or environmental organisation. The key thing is for team members to band together, and help others who need a hand.

Properly planned and managed, a team project can be lots of fun for team members. It can also be of tremendous assistance to team building and should be considered when looking for corporate team building activities. This article explains the benefits of a team project and offers four tips for undertaking a project.

Benefits of a team project

Carrying out a team project is intended to break down barriers between team members and encourage co-operation and harmony. It’s also an opportunity for team members to see each other in an alternative situation to their day-to-day work roles. This helps them to better understand each other and feel more comfortable in the company of other team members. In the case of new team members, it will assist them to get to know other members and settle into the team. At the end of the day, it’s important for a team project to be enjoyable and satisfying for team members.

A properly designed and implemented team project can provide a diversion from daily work issues, challenges and problems which may freshen up the attitudes and behaviours of team members. It can foster a spirit of inclusiveness as the team embarks on a new venture together and provides something useful for the community.

Selecting a project

Selecting an appropriate project is very important as the wrong choice of project could mean a backwards step for the team. The following criteria may assist your team in making a decision. The project should: be interesting for team members; involve all team members; be beneficial to community members; and able to be successfully completed in a reasonable time frame.

A useful way to go about selecting a project is to call a team meeting and invite ideas from all team members. People generally know what is going on in their community and a brain storming session will usually produce a host of ideas that can be discussed and explored. The team can then decide which project to undertake.

Involving team members

Involving all team members in the project is a good idea as it’s only fair that all team members be invited to participate. That way no one feels left out. Inclusion also creates a sense of ownership of the project and the more people involved means more ideas, enthusiasm and more people to do undertake the required tasks.

Providing resources

Adequately resourcing of a project is essential so that, as one of your key corporate team building activities, the project is well supported and has every chance of success. Providing appropriate resource support means that human, physical and financial resources are available when needed. It also means that you avoid the project becoming a burden which may lead to a loss of interest by team members and project failure. A well planned, resourced and managed project has the potential to raise the energy levels of team members so that they look forward to contributing to the project and making it a success.

Following through to completion

Taking on a project creates a responsibility to see it through to completion. To assist in this, a project plan needs to be written prior to commencement and the plan needs to include target milestones and the goal that the project is endeavouring to achieve. That way, the actual progress can be compared to the required actions and any gaps can be identified and rectified sooner rather than later. Another important thing to do is to celebrate achieving milestones during the project as we all like our efforts to be noticed and rewarded.

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Good luck with your team project!

Andrew Dunning

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