Three Benefits To Your Business Of Having An Understandable Business Team Culture

The organisational culture of a small business (business team culture) is an important factor that drives stakeholders, including team members, customers and suppliers, either towards a business or away from it. This article explains three benefits to your business of establishing an understandable business team culture.

The ongoing stream of interactions between team members during day-to-day operations shapes a business’ team culture. Not all interactions, however, result in clear communications which means that a mixed bag of messages may be transmitted and received. This leads to confusion, especially for new team members, and makes the culture difficult to grasp and understand.

An understandable culture, on the other hand, is an asset as team members know what the business is like to work in and customers know what to expect from the business as they buy goods and services. Having an understandable business culture creates stable operations which is very helpful for business owners as they often have to chart a course through intense competition and changeable market conditions.

Here are three benefits to team members, customers, and business owners and managers of having an understandable business team culture.

1. Benefits to team members

An understandable business culture gives people confidence as they know what to expect today and into the future. People generally feel happier and more satisfied with their work where they know the environment to be stable. This in turn encourages people to get along well together resulting in friendly and co-operative workplace relationships.

2. Benefits to customers

A business’ culture sends messages to customers through team members’ words and actions. The behaviour of team members gives clues to customers as to the quality of products and services, and the business’ level of interest in providing ongoing care and attention. In their search for solutions customers take on board this information and use it for deciding which business to patronise. A culture that is consistent and transparent helps customers to understand it. Where they understand the culture and fit with it they are more likely to buy from the business and become regular customers.

3. Benefits to business owners and managers

An understandable business team culture provides an ideal platform to develop a workforce that is energised, interested and motivated. Such a culture can improve financial performance through greater productivity and higher quality goods and services that translate into increased sales and reduced costs in managing human resources and production processes.

Finally, prospective employees gain glimpses of what a business may be like to work in from their observations of the attitudes and behaviours of team members. This helps them to decide whether to seek employment with a particular business. An understandable and positive business team culture acts as a magnet to prospective employees resulting in more choice of candidates for filling positions.

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