Why Is Business Team Building A Huge Opportunity?

Business team building is a great place to start developing businesses as many team members (employees, managers and business owners) feel disconnected from the work that they do and their fellow workers.

Team members have told me how they feel about their work:

“The culture at my work place is simply that you do as you are told.”

“I have tried to make suggestions to improve my work environment, but no one listens.”

“I want to work in a friendly team, but it’s not likely to happen at my work.”

This means that a lot of ideas and talent are wasted. Poor communication leads to people not getting along as well as they could. Misunderstanding of another person’s point of view often causes problems between two people.

Business Team Building
Team members should be actively involved in business team building. They would benefit from listening to each other and finding out how other people feel about their work. Constructive action should then be taken to break down barriers to communication and encourage the heart of the business, its positive team culture, to come to the surface and be the driving force for building an effective team.

Positive benefits emerge from friendly and supportive team members. Resolving customers’ complaints, for example, is much easier where employees and managers help each other to sort out problems and improve services.

Team building is an opportunity to make a difference by creating meaningful experiences for team members and developing successful and sustainable businesses.

Picture in your mind a workplace where harmony and support between team members happens every day. Where trust abounds and work relationships are nourished by free flowing communication. Work is fun and the entire business has a buzz about it from the productive work effort of happy team members. This should not just be wishful thinking, it can be a reality.

Here Are Four Team Building Ideas

1. Developing an effective team takes time. Action is required by all team members (business owners, manager and employees) in order to make it happen. Write a simple plan for your team to operate under including goals and business team building activities. List the fun things that team members may like to do together. Ask team members for their ideas as you write the plan so they feel included.

2. Make an effort to get to know the people who work in your business. Some you may know really well and others you may not know much about. Groups of people often encompass a wide range of interests, hobbies, sports and community involvement.

3. Encourage trust between team members. This means people become more certain of their environment and the people around them. Greater feelings of certainty also means there are less issues to be concerned with, therefore worries can be replaced by scanning the environment for opportunities and for working together in harmony.

4. Celebrate success. As minor and major milestones are achieved, pause to celebrate and be grateful.

Grasp the opportunity of business team building and enjoy a happy and successful team.

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Andrew Dunning

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